Get your Gambian business on Google Street View TODAY!

Please answer the following questions to yourself:

  1. Where do most people initially search for a (local) business?
  2. Who makes the world’s mostly used mapping application?
  3. What product do most people use for navigation?

Answer: Google (Maps)!

A virtual tour of your business on Google can therefore significantly increase the size of your clientele, sometimes by more than 40%!! Not only customer-facing businesses can benefit from having a virtual tour on Google Street View. Also businesses which are normally not being visited by people can hugely enhance the customer experience by offering a virtual tour on Google Street View.

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a collection of two or more 360º panoramic photos, also called “panoramas”. As the name suggests, Google initially only offered Google Street View of public roads, highways, paths etc. Google later broadened its' horizon by also letting businesses expose their interior to the world in order to attract more customers.

Once you have a Google Street View Virtual Tour of your business on Google, it works for you 24*7 as an additional marketing engine. It helps to increase visitors, patients, guests, customers of most businesses.

In case you have a website or a Facebook page, you can also publish a virtual tour on those online properties.

What is Google Street View Trusted?

Google launched Street View back in 2007. It was a revolutionary system to virtually “drive” through various parts of cities in the USA. Because of the fast-growing popularity, Google quickly expanded into Japan and Europe. Up to now, Google unfortunately never visited The Gambia to cover the major roads and streets throughout the country.

We covered a few kilometres of roads, mainly around “The Strip”, Kololi Beach & Kotu Beach, the roads leading towards the airport and in Janjanbureh. But we plan to shoot more. If you are interested in sponsoring this endeavour by having the name of your business associated with this project, please contact us, either per email or WhatsApp (+220 382-1861.)

And of course, our lead photographer, Eduard de Boer, shot dozens of virtual tours in the Gambia over the past years for all types of businesses.

Actually, he is the one who introduced Google Street View in The Gambia. So, settle for the best and contact us for more information about Google Street View in your business!