Through collaboration with our Google Street View Trusted Photographer Eduard de Boer, we are now also a My Business Provider, not only for The Gambia, but also for Africa and the rest of the World!

This means that we can now help businesses in The Gambia to verify their Google My Business listing, without requiring a post card, phone call or video call. And we know that many business in The Gambia would like to have their GMB listing verified!

Because verifying your listing gives you the following advantages:

  1. Get notifications when someone leaves a review
  2. Reply to reviews
  3. Add your products
  4. Add your services
  5. Change your amenities
  6. Add photos and videos
  7. Add people you trust to handle your Google My Business listing
  8. We can transfer the ownership of the 360º panoramas of your virtual tour, giving you full control over them

For more information about Google My Business, please refer to “Google My Business”.